Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Posh Day 4&5

So, this is what my nails looked like on day 4. You can see a little "bald" spot on my middle finger. But for the most part, only minimal wear and tear on the tips.  And keep in mind, this is without a base or top coat!

Here's a picture of my nails on Day 5.  You can see that the chip on my middle finger has gotten a little bit bigger but still very minimal.  

Something to note about this polish, its one of the matte velvets, is that it doesn't stay matte.  I haven't been using a hand cream or lotion of any type (zoya suggests not to) to keep it looking matte but I noticed that it wasn't as matte as when i first applied it.  Its not shiny like normal polishes, but its not as matte anymore either.

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