Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chocolate covered Strawberries and Nutella

It was time to switch out my caramel apples scent shot from Candles By Victoria, which by the way, I love! I was debating between Chocolate Strawberries and Nutella.  Well i couldn't decide to I decided to mix the two!  I used the smallest chunks, maybe 1/12 of each (LOL, i cut the scent shots in half, then cut a third off of half and cut that in half) and the scent throw is insanely strong, which is another reason why I love Victoria's scent shots!

(can you see my "surprise tarts" in the background?)

So, what does it smell like?  Well, I mostly get chocolate from it, but with a nutty undertone (the hazelnut from the Nutella).  The strawberry scent is very light in the mixture, but i get whiffs of it from time to time.  I was trying to recreate the scent of a Strawberry Nutella crepe, which is my fave, but obviously without the "crepe" scent and the addition of chocolate, LOL. Overall, the scent is definitely very foody and strong, if you like chocolate these are scents to check out!

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