Thursday, September 3, 2009


OMG, I just burned myself with a curling iron! can you say "OUCH!" I was curling my hair and had the iron in my right hand, i accidentally let go and i tried to catch it with my HAND!!! WTH! can you say "GENIUS???"  Well, now my right hand is in pain.  I think its really interesting how the other fingers on my right hand that didnt get burned feel really cold, and all the heat is rushing to the fingers that were injured.

This is probably one of my more serious burns.  The other time was when (i was being stupid, of course) i burned my hand on the metal racks in the oven!!! I hope this doesn't blister.  I only had some neosporin around the house so i put that on it.  Any other suggestions??? Should i pick up some Aloe?
Well on a different note, here's waht my Posh nailpolish looks like today (day 7).  I think its time for a change of color =)

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