Friday, March 1, 2013

GRAZE - Box #3

This is our 3rd Graze box.  It arrived surprisingly quick! This box had three snacks that were new to us and one that we both love.  Herby Bread basket was a favorite and we were happy to see it in the box!

 Next we had Banoffee Pie- banana, fudge pieces, almonds & pecans

We ended up TRASHing this.  The almonds and pecans were fine, nothing special.  The fudge pieces tasted good, kind of milky and sweet.  The banana slices however were a weird texture.  They were kind of spongey and difficult to chew and lacked flavor.

We were happy to see another flapjack, Apple Cinnamon, in this box.

This had the same yummy, oaty, soft and chewiness that the Summer Berry Flapjack had, which we loved.  Graze does a great job with their flapjacks!  Unfortunately, we couldn't really taste the apple.  I did see little tiny pieces of dried apple throughout but they didn't really add much of an apple flavor.  There was also the slightest hint of cinnamon.  I still really enjoyed it but I would have liked to taste more apple and cinnamon.

The My Thai was our first "dipper" from Graze- Sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites.

The baked so bites tasted like rice crackers, slightly sweet and salty.  The sweet chilli sauce tasted like typical thai sweet chilli sauce.  I like the idea behind this pairing but unfortunately it didn't mingle well on my taste buds.  There were only 8 soy bites in this one, so this snack wasn't very fulfilling.  We won't be getting this again.

If you would like to try Graze for yourself, check out their website 
Graze isn't open to the public yet so you will need an invite code.  Here are ours 

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