Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GRAZE - Box #6

Can you see cat legs in the background? hehe =) That's PJ.  My kittens seem to always be around when  I open up my Graze boxes.

I was super excited to see Toffee Apple in this box.  I've been wanting to try this since I first browsed the graze website.  Its dried apple with toffee sauce.

I love the combination of apples and caramel, and I assumed the toffee sauce would be just that, a caramel dip.  Given that I haven't really enjoyed much of Graze's dried fruit selection, with the exception of their raisin and cranberries, I wasn't sure I was really going to like the dried apple, but I was optimistic.  I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of these.  They were spongey, but in a good way.  Soft and really easy to chew, almost marshmallowy.  By themselves, the apples were yummy, but  dipped in the toffee sauce they were extra tasty!  As I suspected, the toffee sauce tasted like caramel and once we had used up the last of the apples I happily liked up the rest with my finger.  I LOVE this one =)

Next was the one of the savory options, Yaki soba- soba peanut, edamame beans, chili and lemon chickpea noodles and chili broad beans.

I was excited to try this because it had so many different components.  Overall, this flavors in this were good but I personally felt like there was too much going on.  The dried edamame beans were the most plain in the bunch, I don't really love dried edamame, the end up tasting a bit chalky.  The soba peanuts were good.  You could definitely taste the chili and lemon in the noodles, they were ok.  My favorite part was the chili broad beans, nice flavor and crunch.

Next was the Smoky Gazpacho dip- smoky gazpacho relish with wholemeal crisp bread slices.

The wholemeal crisp bread slices tasted like toasted wheat bread.  They were very light and crunchy, not flavor.  The smoky gazpacho relish was definitely a good compliment.  When I first opened the package it smelled like bbq and it tasted kind of like barbecue sauce too.  It had a nice sweetness to it but also had that smoky quality.  I felt that there wasn't enough relish to go with the bread slices.  Because the bread didn't have much flavor, it required a good dip into the relish.  I was really surprised by how fresh the relish tasted, Ir really liked it.

Last was Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl- blueberry yoghurt raisins, raspberry cranberries, and blackcurrants.

I've had the raspberry cranberries and blackcurrants before and like them.  The Blueberry yogurt raisins were really good!  They had a nice tang from the yogurt coating and went well with the sweetness of the raisins.  It definitely had a berry quality to it, but I wouldn't say I noticed a specific blueberry flavor. This was a nice one!

If you would like to try Graze for yourself, check out their website 
Graze isn't open to the public yet so you will need an invite code.  Here are ours 


  1. Every time I try to do your invite codes it says that are no longer valid. Thought you should know! :) I wish i could get one they look DELICIOUS!

    1. yea, unfortunately they changed their invite program to one invite per person. I guess they received an overwhelming response. Hopefully soon they will get settled and open up some more space because it is a really great service. Check retailmenot.com some people post their codes there

    2. Thanks! I gave them graze my email so they will email when they go public.