Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GRAZE, Welcome to the USA! My 1st Box

I cannot express how excited I was to find out the Graze has finally found its way to the U.S.A.  I have watched my fair share of Graze unboxings and reviews on YouTube, waiting and waiting for this service to be available to me.  Finally, its here!  I couldn't be more thrilled =)  

Graze is a weekly subscription box of 4 little snacks for $5 a week.  These snacks are meant to be healthier alternatives to say, a bag of chips or a chocolate bar.  They offer a variety of different "nibbles" from sweet to savory.  As an introductory promo, they are offering new subscribers their 1st and 5th box for FREE! You do need an invite link as Graze is not yet open to the public.  If you would like to try Graze, head over to their website and enter the code: GCM166YD or HGF2M9F

When you join you can browse the foods they offer and rate each one which then determines which ones you'll be sent.  They have 4 ratings, Trash, Try, Like, or Love.  Trashing an item means they will never send it to you and Loving an item means they will send it to you more often.  Each snack is set as "TRY" which means you are open to giving it a shot and Liking something means you would like it once in a while.

The box fits into a standard mailbox and is 100% recyclable.  It is held shut with two simple plastic strips around the box.

front of box
back of box
Now onto the snack in my box...

First was the Summer Berry Flapjack

I was expecting this to be like a typical granola bar you'd find at a grocery store, thick, chewy, kind of hard.  This however was so FRESH! It was so soft and very delicious.  LOVE

Next was inspired by Jaffa Cake.  This has dark chocolate, orange raisins, and roasted hazelnuts.  I left the rating on this as TRY, the dark chocolate was nice, not too bitter, hazelnuts are good and fresh, and the raisin were infused with orange which you could really taste.  It wasn't bad, but I didn't find it special enough to want it too ofen.

The Herby Bread Basket was definitely a LOVE for my husband and I.  With basil baguettes, garlic croutons, and oregano rice crackers, I could have eaten these all day, if the container was bigger =)

These were so yummy! Crunchy and full of flavor.  This prompted us to "Like" or "Love" everything on the Graze website with these adorable little baguettes in them.

Last was Summer Pudding with blackcurrants, cranberries, sponge pieces and yoghurt seeds.  When I signed up for Graze I rated these as "Love" because I really wanted to see what a "sponge piece" was, hehe.

The blackcurrants remind me of dried blueberries and the cranberries taste like your basic dried cranberry, both good.  The yoghurt seeds are sunflower seeds coated in yogurt that kind of tastes like white chocolate, these were nice.  Finally, the sponge pieces, which I was expecting to be hard and crunchy, were in fact a little spongey.  Not too spongey like cake, but they reminded me of lady fingers.   After trying this I rated them as LIKE

The little containers aren't very big, but a great serving size for a light snack between meals.  I was super impressed by the quality of the foods and am impatiently waiting for my next box =)

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  1. thanks for the recommendation- I just signed up :)