Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening Pen Review

I was sent the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening Pen a few weeks ago from Influenster, these are my thoughts and results.


The idea is that you brush your teeth, whiten your teeth with the whitening pen that is stored within the toothbrush handle, and go.  Its supposed to be a convenient and quick way to get whiter teeth.  The package claims that you could see whiter teeth in just 2 days.

I found the toothbrush itself to be very comfortable to use, however, the handle was a bit on the bulky side (has to be large enough to contain the whitening pen) but not heavy.  The bristles were nice and almost felt like a massage for my teeth and gums.  Overall, good toothbrush.

The whitening pen pulls out of the base of toothbrush handle.  Turning the dial at the bottom of the pen dispenses the whitening gel.

The applicator is a soft rubber with little nubS, and the gel comes out of the center.  The recommend 2 clicks of gel for the top teeth and 2 clicks of gel for the bottom teeth.  I would say 2-3 clicks per row.  I applied the gel in circular scrubbing motions paying close attention to my gum line were I have the most discoloration.  The gel is supposed to adhere to the teeth and begins to work immediately.  

The problem I have is that I don't feel like it adheres to the teeth long enough to produce desired results.  When I close my mouth after application I can feel and taste the gel as is starts to come off my teeth.  The gel has a light minty taste, very similar to toothpaste, nothing horrible. 

So, you probably want to see the results, right?  I find that take before and after pictures can be deceiving or hard to compare.  If the two pictures aren't taken exactly the same way (light, angle, etc.)  the images can't really be compared properly.  So instead of taking a before picture and after picture, I decided I would only use the product on have of my teeth.  Here are the results,

NOTE: the AFTER is on the left and BEFORE on the right

To be honest, after using this twice a day for 3 weeks, I haven't really seen much whitening.  I would say maybe a shade whiter.  

You can see I have the most discoloration on my bottom teeth closest to my gum line.  When i started, the left bottom half of my teeth were a little more discolored than the right half.  Now, they are about the same.  This is probably where I saw most of a change, however, still very slight.  

Overall, I like the toothbrush and I also like the convenience of having a whitening pen built-in. , and I did not notice any tooth sensitivity.  However, I did not see any noticeable whitening effects.  Perhaps with continued use I may see a result, in which case I will give you guys an update.  But I just don't think these brush-on whitening products adhere well enough or long enough to the teeth for it to be able to truly do its job. 

Have you tried this?  What were your experiences and results?  What other teeth whitening products have you tried and which are your favorites?

*Product was sent for review purposes as part of the influenster.com program.

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