Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Addiction: CHOCOMIZE

Chocomize Haul #1

Chocomize Haul #2

Chocomize Haul #3
Chocomize Haul #4 

On the way =)
So, as you can see, I think I have a little bit of a problem =)  

If you haven't heard of Chocomize before, its the first company in the U.S. that allows you to customize your own chocolate bars.  
First, you start by choosing your Belgian Chocolate: dark, milk, or white chocolate.  I've tried all three from chocomize and their milk chocolate is my favorite!  You can definitely taste the quality in the chocolate, I could order a plain bar and be completely happy.  Having great chocolate to start with makes whatever toppings you decide to include so much better!
Now its time to choose up to 5 ingredients to make the chocolate bar of your dreams.  They have a large selection of the usual chocolate friendly pairings like nuts and dried food.  Then they have fun additions like candy, seasonings and even real bacon or beef jerky!

One of my favorite bars is actually one with real bacon, pretzels, potato chips and sea salt!  Yummy!  You even have the option of naming your creation.  I named this bar, the DanaMyte bar =)  Although I do wish the name appeared in a more prominent spot on the bar, like on the front.

Here are some pictures of the other bars I "chocomized"
Milk Chocolate with butter toffee peanuts, sliced almonds, marshmallows 
and caramelized rice crispies
White chocolate with macadamia nuts, pineapple bits and mango
They also have an "I feel Lucky bar" which is basically a surprise bar, this one was dark chocolate with cookie dough pieces, reese's pieces and toffee
These bars also make great gifts!  They have little plaques that you can add.  This bar I made for my fiance for our anniversary.  Milk chocolate with macadamia nuts, white chocolate chips, marshmallows and vanilla granola, and of course the "happy anniversary" plaque

They are usually very generous with the smaller sized toppings, but the bigger ones that take up more space like pretzels and the potato chips were added sparingly, I like that they put the whole ones on there but it would have been nice if they had crumbled some smaller pieces onto the bar as well.

After 3 orders, and another one on the way, I guess you can say that I am very pleased with Chocomize =)
Their customer service is great too!  They guarantee that their chocolate bars will arrive in good condition, I am able to attest to this because I had an issue with my first order because one of the bars I ordered had a bit of a melting issue

The pop rocks I added to my bar had melted, I was told later on that they may have "popped" due to the humidity but they refunded me for the bar none the less.  They have since taken the pop rocks topping off the website, maybe due to the warm weather, but I hope it returns in the cooler months  because this bar was DELICIOUS! (milk chocolate, pop rocks, sliced almonds and marshmallows, I named this one "Pop Rocky Road," Get it?

So what are you waiting for?  Go play mad chocolate scientist or Willy Wonka and  try out your creation at Chocomize.com
Let them know Danielle, or LePooke sent ya =)

I also ordered from a similar site that is based in Europe, Chocri, here's my haul if you are interested =)

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