Monday, March 1, 2010


So, I've been using swagbucks for a while now and thought I should share.
Its basically a search engine, similar to google, and each time you search you can earn points.  
After you accumulate enough points you can then redeem them for FREE STUFF =)
and who doesn't like FREE STUFF?

Its Free to sign up and you can refer your friends too, Im not 100% sure what referring your friends does, I think that when they search you can get points too but only up to a certain amount.

Some prizes include, gift cards, e-gift certificates, music, electronics, and even beauty products.

Basically, you get stuff just by searching the web the way you normally would.

Just thought I'd share. If you wanna sign up, great! If not, no big deal.  Hope you have a great day =)

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