Sunday, February 14, 2010

ELF eyelid primer comparison swatches

The ELF eyelid primer retails for $1
UDDP retails for $18

Here are some swatches of different shadows over the E.L.F. eyelid primer (left/top)
and over Urban Decay Primer potion (right/bottom)

shadows from left to right:
MAC nightlight pigment, covergirl trio- shimmering sands (1st shadow), 
MAC mauvement pigment, GDE Aqua Foil

If you can tell, the shadows swatched over the UDPP were slightly more vibrant than those swatched over the ELF primer.  I also noticed that the color applied more evenly over the UDPP as opposed to the ELF primer which was more vibrant on some areas and a little lighter in others.  I also noticed that pigments/loose shadows worked a little better over the UDPP.

Overall, I felt that for $1, the ELF primer held up pretty well throughout the day without 
and major problems of creasing.

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