Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Circle Lenses!

So i recently got my very first pair of circle lenses from (use the coupon code: LePooke to save 10% off your order) I got the Grey Fresh Color ones.

It was packaged really nicely and securely and came with a really cute cow print pouch! Here's what the lenses looked like in the bottle.

Looks Kinda creepy huh? LOL but really neat too!
These are authentic Geo Lenses. They have the Geo anti-fake sticker on each bottle.

You scratch off the silver bottom half of the sticker and a serial number can be seen.

This number can then be entered at one of Geo's sites, the US site is
*note that there are fake stickers out there that are made to look like Geo's. read more info HERE
This is what it looks like once you enter the unique serial number

I tried to re-input the same serial number to see how well this system worked.  Here is the message I was given when I attempted to do so:

Each serial number is unique and once it is entered on one of Geo's sites it is "checked" off and can no longer be used, guaranteeing that you are receiving an authentic pair of lenses.

So you're probably wondering what circle lenses are.  They are basically colored contact lenses used for cosmetic purposes.  The colored area has a larger diameter than regular colored contacts giving the eye a more "doll-eyed" look.  These are very popular in Asia (Ulzzang), but of course anyone can wear them.
Many people wonder, are these safe? Are they FDA approved? Here is what had to say:

"Circle lenses are not illegal in North America, but have not yet been approved by FDA. They have been approved by Korean safety standards including KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration), CE0434 and ISO13485. There are many products in North America that have not been approved by FDA, like many shampoos, cosmetic accessories and the like, but that does not mean they can not be sold, nor does it mean they are dangerous.
"Circle lenses are safe if you care for them properly, just like any other contact lens. Proper instructions of use are included with every package for both new users and even those who wear lenses on a daily basis. With the proper treatment of your lenses, it will both extend the wear of the lenses and be safer for your eyes."

There are risks to most things, even makeup.  How many times have we used an eyeliner on our waterline that wasn't necessarily "waterline safe?" or used a pigment as eyeshadow that isn't "safe for eyes?"
Simply put, if you are at all concerned about circle lenses, Consult your eye doctor or don't wear them at all! 
Like having the ability to change your hair color, nail color, or makeup, circle lenses give you the ability to temporarily change your eye color.

can you tell which eye has the lens in?

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